Institute Vision and Mission

DBIT will be known to have an innovative, enjoyable and holistic learning environment that enhances individual success, the Don Bosco way. We seek to make DBIT the preferred choice of students, employers hiring engineering graduates and practitioners seeking further education.
We aim to provide service in the best tradition of Don Bosco, by seeking to develop entrepreneurial attitude and social commitment in every student we train. DBIT will make a contribution to society through its educative process in a diverse and stimulating learning environment wherein students, faculty and staff can strive and grow.
  • To produce engineers who will excel in industry and research.
  • To provide consultancy to various industries.
  • To provide programmes which are contemporary and relevant to industry.
  • To share expertise and resources for the benefit of the underprivileged youth of local communities.
  • To be a center of research and development in the field of technology.
  • To gain recognition in the field of technical education, both nationally and internationally.

Department Vision and Mission

We nurture and lay a strong foundation for exploring and experimenting to build a spirit of learning. We inculcate human values and resourcefulness that engages our students in solving societal problems in a sustainable way.
We will provide students with a conducive learning environment to:
  • help them cope up with the engineering curriculum imbibing the Don Bosco values of integrity, reason, and compassion.
  • instill in them an innovative and inclusive mode of thinking, creating a strong foundation for achieving technical excellence and a professional attitude.
  • equip them with the confidence and preparedness to face competitive examinations and the placement process.
  • help them make positive interventions in societal problems using sustainable means.

Course Outcome

Academic YearSemCourse Outcome Statements
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2019-20 Odd View
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2018-19 Odd View
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2017-18 Odd View
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2016-17 Odd View
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